What A Pain In Da Neck!

Like a good acupuncturist will tell you – you’ve got to find the pain points before you can find a treatment. A great business and a great product will solve problems from the minor grievances that hold up a person’s daily routine to the complicated budget-suckers that plague the success of a large company.

What are the major pressure points that drive your (potential) customers to seek out your solution? Find your top 3, and make them a big part of your marketing initiatives.

What does your product or service offer as a solution to a common pain point? If you don’t know where to start, ask yourself some of these questions…


  • Does it save my customer time?
  • Will it cost them less? If not, what is the main value-add?
  • Is it easier than any other solution? How so?
  • Will it break down barriers, like communication, visibility, steps in a process?
  • Is it the first of its kind?
  • What kind of new freedoms does it offer?


You should also take yourself to the point where a customer says, “That’s it! I’m fed up! I need to solve this problem”. At what point are they making this decision? Is it after spending WAY too much on their current method/product? Is it after wasting too much time and energy to the point where they are physically exhausted?

Those pain points are what drive your customers to search… for you! Speak to your customers, relate to their problems. At the beginning of every Illustrate iT video, we ask you to address the main pain points that your product/service will improve for your clients. Your audience will recognize those aggravations and be far more receptive to hearing about your ‘cure’.

Use your video to ‘acupuncture’ your target market… find their pain, prescribe a solution.

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