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WorkFlex Solutions Explainer Video Script
Short-term weather forecasting is simple. A sunny morning usually means a sunny afternoon. But using a 2 week old forecast is very risky.. The same applies to call center scheduling … unless you have WorkFlex Intelligent Intraday Automation. WorkFlex gives your workforce administrators the tools they need to ensure optimized staffing levels all day long, even if your forecast was wrong. WorkFlex anticipates when staffing variances will occur, determines the right solution, contacts the right agents, and automatically updates schedules in your workforce-management-system, so that you don’t have to. WorkFlex empowers agents with the flexibility to instantly change their schedule anywhere, anytime through an Intelligent Self-Service Portal that automatically ensures that each change helps optimize your staffing levels. Agents can also pre-identify extra-hour, voluntary-time-off and contact-method preferences so that WorkFlex effectively informs them of high-interest opportunities. The result is happier agents and reduced administrator stress. And as we all know, happier employees make happier customers ?. See how WorkFlex can free your call center from the risks of a less-than-perfect forecast.

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