WikiPixel Motion Graphic Explainer Video

Client Comments:

Wayne Ferris and his team are fantastic. They did a great work for us and they easily passed trough the language barrier (we are french). Amis francophones, vous pouvez leur faire confiance, ce sont d’excellents prestataires qui respectent leurs délais!

WikiPixel Video Script

Remember those hedge mazes? How fun they were as children? Oh ya, trying to get from A to B, taking the long way out the other end? Running, laughing. Yup, all fun and games. Sure, until you’re desperately searching for a file in a virtual version of the dizzying mouse trap. All you wanted was one image file, ONE! And there you are, stuck in tunnels, hitting dead end after dead end after dead end. Taking the long way, with every folder you open, every server and email you check. You’ve got the whole office involved in your search and rescue mission and bupkis. What could you have named it? You try every path you can think of. Just more dead ends. You’re not the only one wasting your valuable minutes, hours sometimes, endlessly searching for media files. But when you’re working with so many people and even more files, how can you avoid it? Cut through the dead ends and get back on the straight and narrow with WikiPixel. That’s how! Think of our software as your chainsaw. Slicing through the maze, giving you the direct route to your digital assets so you can reclaim your productivity. That’s right, our online collaborative image library gathers all of your media files into one safe, centralized location. Ya! Imagine all your media in one virtual hub. We’re talkin images, videos, photos, sounds. Literally at your fingertips. No diversions or panicked searching, and no dead ends. From that one, simple, organized location, download media, print images, stream videos, edit and retouch photos. Even send any size file to coworkers and clients by email, permalink, image buckets, web flashcodes, social media. Download your images in seconds and deploy them in a few simple clicks. Even add descriptions, authors, rights and geo-location. Preview or slideshow your files and choose your favourites so you can access them even faster. Third-party integration makes sharing your image and video files a breeze and daily backups take the headache and worry out of media management. It’s only the easiest collaborative digital assets manager for professionals. No big thang! Take the direct route and sign up for your free WikiPixel account today!

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