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Wayne, Eric and the entire team at Illustrate iT Video were wonderful to work with. At the beginning of our project, I think we created the longest project brief ever for them! But, they were able to distill most of our ramblings into a first draft video script that visually communicated a lot of what we were trying to say. That was definitely representative of our entire process with the whole team at Illustrate iT Video. We tried to be hands-on within reason to avoid endless version run-throughs and they were extremely receptive to our help and guidance. It was obvious at multiple points that the whole team there was really working hard to make sure our video was exactly what we wanted and that our target audience would relate to it. We really enjoyed dealing with all of the artists at Illustrate iT (and by artists I mean script writers, visual artists and voiceovers) and found them to be creative but still welcomed and used our feedback constructively. These guys produce one heck of a product for an extremely reasonable price! I’m glad we were able to find them in the mess of other overnight “demo” video companies that are somehow charging upwards of $15k to $20k!!!

WedKey Explainer Video Script

So… your big day’s fast approaching. Decisions…decisions… Feeling stressed with the planning? Overwhelmed by the cost? Well… say goodbye to wedding overload! And hello to Wedkey! Wedkey gives you access to exclusive deals from local wedding vendors… But not just any vendors… we hand-select only amazingly wonderful, highly-rated ones… just for you! Think of us as your wedding savvy best friend with impeccable taste! So…how does Wedkey work? Easy! Go to… signup for free Tell us what you’ve already booked… and we’ll send you deals in the categories you still need! You’re in control of the process… So each month you can… Check out your Dashboard… unlock the categories you need… And spend the rest of the month exploring those deals, researching the vendors, reading reviews… and, most importantly, enjoying your engagement! When you buy a deal… just print the voucher And since vouchers are flexible, you can redeem it for exactly what you need… And… save a bouquet of money! Worried you won’t hit it off with the vendor? Don’t be! If you decide not to book them, you can get a full refund… no questions asked. Safe, easy, and risk-free! Wedkey’s your secret weapon… your inspiration… and a fantastic deal site… all in one! You’ve already unlocked your man’s heart. Now it’s time to unlock your dream wedding. Sign up for free at!

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