VMTurbo Explainer Video

Client Comments:

Wayne and his team put together a fantastic two minute video for VMTurbo. He and his company worked quickly and generated a very high quality product. We collaborated and edited the video – a pleasure to work with and I plan to do further business with Wayne.

VMTurbo Video Script

So you’ve moved on from the dark ages of clunky, physical servers.. to the liberating freedom of virtualization management. Your thousands of control points: applications, virtual machines, hypervisors, physical servers, datastores; all connected through a cloud network… rather than the storage closet. But with multiple metrics, fluctuating demand, enormous volumes of data and constant change on every level, with no regular check ups, it can be hard for your virtualization management to keep up. Especially if you’re planning to increase the workload…. Today’s data centre management solutions are all about reacting to problems AFTER they occur. Sending alerts!! and sounding alarms!! Not what your business wants to deal with. You need a preventative approach that prevents problems from occurring in the first place. Something to take the “what ifs” out of the equation. VMTurbo to the rescue! It’s an intelligent workload management for cloud and virtualized environments. It works with your real-time operations and plans for your company’s successful growth and change in the future. It’s like air traffic control for your entire system. Jets, two-seaters, gliders, helicopters, all with different arrival times, traveling at different speeds, some more powerful than others, VMTurbo is landing them all safely and efficiently. It’s a tricky post to hold, but VMTurbo has the right equation to keep your air free of rush hour and crashes. It’s our solution that provides service assurance and infrastructure efficiency via our patented economic scheduling engine. VMTurbo prevents potential problems. Take medicine for example: isn’t daily exercise and a healthy diet better than that quadruple bypass? And in the automotive world: aren’t oil changes and inspections easier on the wallet than replacing the engine. It’s the same with your virtualized system. Our product ANALYZES your performance and recommends actions to improve performance and put your environment in perfect equilibrium. Your company never has

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