VMTurbo Explainer Video 2

Client Comments
“Wayne and his team put together a fantastic two minute video for VMTurbo. He and his company worked quickly and generated a very high quality product. We collaborated and edited the video – a pleasure to work with and I plan to do further business with Wayne. – Lou”

VMTurbo 2 Explainer Video Script
VMTurbo’s Economic Scheduling Engine continuously analyzes your virtual infrastructure and automates improvements that ensure performance and put your environment in perfect equilibrium. Helping you avoid problems, optimize utilization and reduce operational and capital costs. So, HOW does it work? HOW does it enable you to manage SMARTER? Well, let’s look at how traditional IT management tools attempt to ensure performance. Invariably, they focus on instrumentation, data collection, and threshold-based decision-making. Despite the endless amount of metrics they collect, forcing you to click through and drill into data to figure out what to do (after the fact) won’t help ensure application performance, or intelligently plan for the future. At VMTurbo, we take a fundamentally different approach… Our Economic Scheduling Engine thinks differently about how the IT environment should be managed … … It shifts the focus away from data collection and alerting to problem prevention, application assurance, and optimal resource utilization. How? With a market-based approach. See, markets use pricing principles to dynamically drive an equilibrium point between supply and demand, and continuously adjust as external factors fluctuate. Our technology does the same thing. It characterizes the IT environment as a market – a virtual supply chain of buyers and sellers from infrastructure to applications. Just as the stock market uses a wide array of inputs like economic data, geopolitical changes, and the price of oil… Our Engine takes inputs from across the IT infrastructure and uses the market model to drive ANALYSIS and AUTOMATION. It continuously profiles market conditions – and uses pricing principles to determine how scarce resources are allocated. The result: intelligent and automated actions that reduce contention, optimize utilization, and avoid performance issues for critical applications. It doesn’t focus on individual metrics, or wait for thresholds to be crossed… …It assesses the health of the entire SYSTEM and understands the effect of changes in real-time. And it’s a powerful platform to intelligently plan for future growth and change. Simply put, our Economic Scheduling Engine thinks outside the traditional box. So, say goodbye to solving problems after the fact. And hello to thinking differently about how to manage your virtual and cloud environments.

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