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Velobit Explainer Video Script
Meet Andy. Andy works in IT at company ‘XYX’ …no different from countless others across the globe. Andy’s boss is constantly asking for more. • Boost performance of IT infrastructure to keep up with the company’s growth • Increase capacity while lowering costs and reducing power, space, and cooling requirements Andy’s no magician, but he needs a strategy that will magically boost the performance and efficiency of his company’s IT infrastructure without breaking his budget. Andy heard that SSD’s can help, but he knows how expensive, disruptive, and complex to deploy some SSD solutions can be. He needs to find a fast SSD solution but doesn’t have an unlimited budget or a lot of time to deal with all the complexity. The Solution is Velobit. The totally simple, lightning -fast software solution that will instantly increase storage I/O speed by 10x so your applications can run a lot faster at a remarkably low cost. In fact, you can use low cost SSDs and get high-end performance. Set up is a snap! In less than 10 minutes, your team can install the software seamlessly, and without ANY disruption. It’s completely transparent, no pulling or transferring data… tuning applications …or reconfiguring storage. Here’s how it works: Velobit creates an automagical HyperCache ‘layer’ that allows you to continue using your primary storage for backups and data protection, while creating optimal output from your SSD… The HyperCache is powered by a powerful content locality caching algorithm, optimized for SSDs, that delivers lightning-fast performance. Cached data is compressed at line speed so you get more performance with lessSSD. And VeloBit optimizes SSD use to reduce wear, increase reliability, and reduce SSD expense. VeloBit makes it easy to eliminate the storage I/O bottleneck that slows down your business applications. Velobit gives your IT team the ultimate magic wand to implement a better, faster and more efficient way to get the most bang from your SSD buck! Your performance is guaranteed to skyrocket and won’t bust the nano-sized budget your boss gave you! So join Andy, and IT teams everywhere, making magic with Velobit. Velobit. Faster Storage… Made Easy. Sign up for a Free Trial today at

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