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Meet Joe… a network admin, phone admin and Cisco expert at company XYZ. No different than any other company across the globe . Managing the Cisco phone network is time consuming and complex. It often takes 15 minutes for Joe to setup each user… signing into multiple servers, manually configuring hundreds of settings…not to mention responding to calls from users with change requests, leaving Joe little time to complete new projects from the boss. Joe can’t delegate his tasks to assistants or the IT helpdesk, because the setup is complex, requires much know how and could create even more work….one wrong setting will cost him hours of troubleshooting user complaints. What is Joe to do? Uplinx Provisioning System’s simplified Console makes it easy to process daily end user related phone requests. Finally Joe can delegate standard MACD tasks to his assistant and IT helpdesk, being assured that the system does it right, the first time..period! Joe’s completing those new projects from the boss, everyone is happy… it’s a win-win! Remote site administrators can now easily configure the site’s user’s phone on the Uplinx Console only allowing access to their own users and phones configuration – even in a centralized Cisco deployment….all changes are logged and makes it simple to report for audit and billing purposes. The Self-Service web page allows users to reset their PINs via the intranet and integration of user requests changes. Once the Console is up and running at the helpdesk, Joe can further leverage the benefits of Uplinx Provisioning System by using the API to integrate into the Enterprise Configuration Management servers, saving even more time and money. Now that things are under control, company XYZ has a clear workflow and process in place that scales and get setups right, every time!

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