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Working with Illustrate IT’s team was indeed a pleasure, we enjoyed the experience of working with such a talented, creative, and most importantly, a highly responsive team. Illustrate IT Video indeed provided a turn around service, right from the script, concept, characters, sound and everything. It’s an easy interactive experience working with them, while they take care of every aspect of the video. The team understood very clearly our objectives and worked along to deliver a video that exceeded our expectations. The flow of the project to create the video was very smooth and was handled very efficiently. We have received great comments about the video created by this team and we look forward working with Illustrate IT Video in near future. We definitely recommend Illustrate IT Video!!

Turn The Campus Video Script

Meet Jake… a university student who’s got lots of stuff crammed in his closet he’s not using that could help him pay for stuff he really wants… His brainiac girlfriend Jill could be using her A’s in Psychology to tutor those frustrated with Freud. Jake’s Professor Pete is looking for someone to babysit while he lectures on Economics.. …and his friends are constantly looking for a place to buy cheaper text books?! Enter… TurntheCampus.com A campus marketplace that actually works… sell your stuff, search for that smarty pants to tutor you, post services and find just about anything without EVER leaving campus Now Jake and his pals can list things like…stuff 4 sale, tutor for hire, cheap text books or finally find Professor Pete a babysitter. And if they can’t find it, they can demand it, just by posting! Turnthecampus will simply connect you with everything you need without astronomical shipping fees, not-so student friendly pricing or sketchy meet-ups…lord knows Jake’s Mom is constantly worried about him meeting a wacko on the corner of Scam and Danger… .. So, now he meets safely on campus dealing with only those who go to his school! Find what you need…buy it, sell it, demand it… online and ALL on campus! Sign up now… Turnthecampus.com !

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