Triton Digital Explainer Video 4

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We have worked with the Illustrate iT team on a number of videos and each time they approach our projects with the same level of quality and professionalism. They deliver a high quality product that is cost effective and time efficient. A great team to work with!

Triton Digital Explainer Video # 4 Script

When it comes to digital audio measurement You can add up the actual number of people listening on an ongoing 24.7.365 basis or… You can talk to a handful of people and assume people are people…and estimate how many of us behave just like them. You can have census based measurement, always on with no estimating, guesstimating, or panels or… You can have a survey based with fancy math and “beautiful mind” stuff. We add numbers Others “create” numbers. That’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla. Our product.. Webcast Metrics, is the digital audio standard in measurement. It’s the only product that’s accredited by the Media Ratings Council (MRC). That’s audited annually by Ernst&Young. That’s quoted in eMarketer, the Wall Street Journal, and others. That’s used by x # of publishers around the globe. Publishers you might have heard of… like Pandora… Slacker… CBS Radio… ESPN Radio. So if you’re the creative type, spin the wheel. If you like your numbers boring, certified, transparent, always accessible, give us a ring. Webcast Metrics. The Standard. Period.

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