Triton Digital Audio Pixel Explainer Video

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We have worked with the Illustrate iT team on a number of videos and each time they approach our projects with the same level of quality and professionalism. They deliver a high quality product that is cost effective and time efficient. A great team to work with!

Triton Digital Audio Pixel Explainer Video Script
It’s a real whodunit Who did the deed? What was the motive? Don’t bother checking for prints Chances are they didn’t click a thing. But one of these guys did come to your site with one intention. To Buy Stuff! Why? Look Here. One heard an audio ad. And with the Triton Audio Pixel, A first of its kind You can find out who. Triton’s Audio Pixel combines lower funnel accountability With upper funnel impact and memorability. Look back thirty days, thirty minutes or thirty months. Find out who heard what. A B Test and See which ad they just couldn’t resist. “So, how does it work exactly?” “First, the user hears the ad, but doesn’t click” “For mobile users, the device ID registers” “For web users, a cookie is dropped” “The listener later converts and buys” “And the advertiser knows exactly what ad converted” “If this makes your ears perk up, give us a call.” Triton Digital. Where audio, audience and advertising connect!

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