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We have worked with the Illustrate iT team on a number of videos and each time they approach our projects with the same level of quality and professionalism. They deliver a high quality product that is cost effective and time efficient. A great team to work with!

Triton Digital AMP Explainer Video # 5 Script
One trick ponies are so tiring… That’s why we created AMP. It’s our audience management platform a one of a kind tool that helps you extract more value from your audience than all the one-trick pony “specialists” combined. AMP creates deeper digital interactions by creating a suite of ways to connect with your audience– all in one tool. There’s: * Contesting * Promotions Management * eMail * CMS * Research and Polling functionality * Rewards It’s even gamified, so audiences are invited to participate and rewarded for doing so. Through membership clubs, they can earn status and badges, access to exclusive content, gain power and control, or even SWAG….The options are endless. SO instead of dealing with a million different vendors for each capability, now there’s just one. AMP does it all and makes it all scalable, so you can make something once, click a button and deploy. It’s that simple. Then, sit back and monitor the integrated analytics suite so you can find your audience, what they’re responding to, and what you need to do to maximize the insights AMP delivers. Powerful. Elegantly designed and fully integrated, AMP is the one-tool you need to get the most out of your audience.

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