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We have worked with the Illustrate iT team on a number of videos and each time they approach our projects with the same level of quality and professionalism. They deliver a high quality product that is cost effective and time efficient. A great team to work with!

Triton Digital AMP CMS Explainer Video Script
You don’t plunk down cash for a car after just eyeballing it do you? There’s a lot you can’t see at a glance. To make a smart buy you’ve got to get under the hood. Got to read the manual. Most importantly, you’ve got to take it for a spin. Same thing for investing in a CMS. Any quality CMS uses responsive design to ensure your content looks amazing on any device automatically. Good one’s are simple to update and manage— even if you think java means coffee. Obviously they can’t crash repeatedly. When it’s offline your prime revenue drivers are too. Like other top­tier CMSs, AMP is rock solid, easy to operate and coded for the best user experience. That’s like saying a car comes with 4 tires, a steering wheel, and windows that go both up and down. To really decide what’s the best CMS for you you’ve got to get out of the showroom. That’s where AMP CMS is different. It does things other CMS systems just can’t. And once you see for yourself, you’ll see what you’ve been missing. Ask the other providers if your site will be able to be managed at the user, local, regional and national level. Get behind the wheel and see if their’s has multiple permission levels where creative content can be accessible to all if you want or only to just the person in the driver seat. Ask if you can change those permissions on the fly. See if you can syndicate content by market, format, region and so on or if it’s one­size­fits all top­down approach. That’s old school. That won’t give you the kind of performance you’re looking for: Power when you need it. A quiet ride when you don’t. AMP integrates with Doubleclick allowing for display targeting to certain pages, regions, content categories, and so on. It’s built on a WordPress chassis and compatible with all its plugins, but engineered and customized for radio’s unique needs like podcasting, on­demand audio players, live events, promo calendars and more. Sometimes you want to share the road. Sometimes you want to own it. AMP CMS gives you the tools and power for the course you’re on at the time you’re on it. Most cars look great in the showroom. One goes to the head of the pack in real­world situations. That’s AMP CMS. WordPress­based, but so much more, it’s the CMS tuned for radio in all its shapes and sizes. Test drive it versus the competition and the choice is clear. AMP CMS. Start your engines.

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