The Red Pin Explainer Video

Client Comments:
Our company, is disruptive by nature and is re-imagining the way you can buy and sell real estate. Since we do things differently, clear messaging is key to our success. We worked closely with the team at Illustrate iT to put a video together that would both demo our platform and get our message across. Although the project was complicated we found the Illustrate iT Video team to be super professional and responsive. They managed to cater to all of our needs and gathered all the right talents that would make a difference between a good and a great video. I am sure we’ll be doing more work with them in the future, and a big thanks to the team for all their hard work.

The Red Pin Video Script
Buying a home isn’t easy. It’s painful, tedious and outdated. New condo projects are always popping up, but you gotta catch them before they’re gone… Information about existing homes are spread all over the place … Even when you find something promising, you still have doubts… And there’s no magic handbook or manual that shows you how to do it right, without surprises. Even if you’re a savvy buyer it could take months to put all the pieces together. So Sally & Jim here considered an agent … but agents work on commission… And at this stage they’re (S&J) looking for advice not pressure. Wouldn’t it be great if they could start their own search with the tools and information of an agent, without the commitment or sales pressure? Introducing – a 5 star customer experience company you can trust, that makes home buying ridiculously easy. Sally & Jim start by searching the area they want to explore… And right away they see listings… like, way more than they’re used to! That’s because The Red Pin has the biggest, most up-to-date inventory of homes, with all active listings from MLS, plus new and upcoming condo projects too.

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