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“Call2Action connects website owners with website visitors to drive a 60% increase in sales. We needed Call2Action’s message to connect with website owners. After an exhaustive search of alternatives, we chose Illustrate iT Video to tell our story.The response rates to the video Illustrate iT produced have been overwhelming. In 3 minutes, a technologically sophisticated product is explained simply and directly. A viewer understands what Call2Action is and why immediate implementation on their website is a must. As Da Vinci said, simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. Illustrate iT Video delivered an effective sales tool for us in an efficient manner. The Illustrate iT Video team is creative, responsive and organized. At the outset of the project, they delivered a detailed project plan with crisp timelines. They delivered on time, every time. The Illustrate iT team is a rare combination of artistic talent and precise execution.” – See more at:

Teledini Video Script
Let’s talk your website. You’ve spent countless hours developing engaging product descriptions and content. You’ve invested in expensive web design and poured money into pay per click advertising and search engine optimization. In spite of it all, you are dissatisfied with your site’s sales results. Sure, traffic is important, but what’s most important your conversion rate – a measure of turning visitors into profits. If most of the visitors to your site leave without buying anything, then you’re throwing money out the window! And you’re missing out on revenue everyday from the traffic you’re already getting. The good news is that there is an easy and inexpensive fix. What if you knew that there was proven way to boost your site’s conversion rate by as much as 30%? One that would enhance your site’s appearance, add instant credibility, build trust, humanize the online shopping experience, and bring you closer to your visitors and customers. Interested? How about if it would only take 20 minutes and cost absolutely nothing to implement…? Let us/ (me ) introduce Teledini’s Call2Action – embed a phone right in your website that enables a free, instant, absolutely effortless way for a visitor to start a live phone conversation with your business. Right when they are the most likely to purchase from you. Call2Action starts dialing as soon as a visitor clicks a button using the microphone and speakers of a visitor’s computer instead of a phone. Live customer service has never been easier. You’ll not only be able to reduce shopping cart abandonment by resolving technical, administrative and product-related issues, you’ll also be able to upsell additional products or services to increase your average revenue per order. Research has proven live interaction systems boost online sales at least 60%! Call2Action gives you a variety of call handling options to answer the calls. Web calls can be handled the same way as a traditional incoming call – Or you can quickly build a unique ring plan to route the call to the right person. Call2Action features Teledini’s Caller I.Q helping you maximize the value of your customer interactions. Caller I.Q. is an intelligent framework that displays key information about a caller before you answer. Information like geo-location and the page of your website the call comes from. This enables you to provide more relevant responses to the caller and opens up tremendous tracking capabilities. Real-time reports make it possible to track online campaigns, banner advertising, and site performance on a page-by-page basis. Call2Action is simple to install – just copy and paste a few lines of code into your website. Maybe the best part of all is that Call2Action is completely free to set-up and install. You don’t pay a thing until you’re on the phone with a purchase-ready website visitor. For less than 50 cents a lead, start increasing your online sales today. Install Call2Action.

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