Tagzuna Explainer Video

Tagzuna Explainer Video Script

Every day, loads of online content is created. Some of it might even interest you. But you won’t get the best of it by sifting through meaningless posts on social networks. Imagine if your social networks could follow your interests… Imagine expressing your thoughts to the world without any restrictions… Imagine your wall with each and every post made just for you… Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take social networking beyond ordinary? Well now you can! With Tagzuna… …An innovative platform that’s taking the social networking world by storm… Empowering you to follow what you like! Check it out! Tagzuna’s the world’s first tag-based social network… …That’s designed around your interests… Follow Share…and… Connect with… Any Tag or any person you choose…Any where in the world. See only the posts that interest you by following tags you like. No more sifting through meaningless posts from your friends. Reach out to the world by tagging your content without any boundaries… Content is tagged and aligned, allowing you to keep a tab on interests and seamlessly sift through the network. So you can explore what matters… Share messages, images, links and videos… Get updates… And follow like-minded people! Tagzuna. Redefining the way you follow, share and connect.

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