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Sovee Smart Engine Explainer Video

Client Comments:

The team at Illustrate IT Video captured the value proposition of the Sovee Smart Engine perfectly. They found a very creative way to show how our cloud-based translation technology combines human and artificial intelligence for faster, accurate and cost-effective translation for today’s businesses and manual translation companies. Just look at their wonderful workmanship on our video.

Sovee Smart Engine Explainer Video Script

In the beginning…there was manual translation…which…took…ages… Then came automation…which had its challenges… NOW…there’s a game-changing, cloud-based technology That brilliantly combines the best of both worlds! It’s called the Sovee Smart Engine… …and it’s redefining translation. By adding a ‘human touch’ to the best technology ever… …the intuitive Sovee Smart Engine ‘learns’ (and remembers!) your company branding…industry terms…and translation preferences… …as it instantaneously translates all your messaging…even your live conversations…on the fly! Into more than 50 languages… …at blazing-fast speed Adjusting for cultural references…with jaw-dropping accuracy Plus, it’s affordable! Thinking of taking your brand global? Put the Sovee Smart Engine to work for your business today!

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