Sovee 2 Explainer Video

Sovee 2 Video Script

You started out with a great-looking video… …it was just a bit “bloated” in size. Then it was squished and squuueeeezzzed and distorted…all to save money on storage and bandwidth. But now…you can stop torturing your video: Because Sovee’s cloud-based technology can compress video gently – up to 70% – without affecting visual quality. Sovee creates a small but powerful “super video” that’s transcoded in 9 formats –all in one time-saving sweep. When your video is played back, Sovee’s amazing auto-sensing technology sniffs out the device, browser and bandwidth being used. And adaptive bit-rate switching magically adjusts the playback perfectly…even on the fly, so your video isn’t tortured by…the dreaded buffering wheel. See it for yourself: Visit today.

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