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Do you find that it’s sometimes complicated to describe your business to someone you’ve just met? Do you wish you could just boil everything down and explain your business quickly? If so, you should get Illustrate iT Video to put together an explainer video that will describe your business in terms that your target audience will quickly understand. That way, decision-makers will see that you understand their problem(s) and have the ability to help. Earlier this year, we needed a fun and engaging way for our website visitors to discover what we do, and how our service can help their business. The folks at Illustrate iT Video were eager to help, and quickly got up to speed on what we needed, put some concepts in front of us, and collaborated to deliver a fantastic video that perfectly sums up Southern Arc’s Plastic Injection Mold Restoration service. WHAT kind of service? You’ll just have to watch the video above — we couldn’t have illustrated it better ourselves.

Southern ARC Video Script

When you’re making plastic parts, things hum along until your tooling’s out of whack. Yeah…you know. Production slows down, parts are out of spec, and you’re looking at big money to replace molds. But why replace? Just call the team at Southern Arc. They’ll have your molds restored in a jiffy. For a fraction of replacement cost. Yup. Their techs have mastered a systematic approach to quality injection mold repair! See, Southern Arc specializes in high quality and fast turnaround. For one piece… or hundreds. Getting you back online and cranking out parts is the name of the game. Whether molds are worn, busted or in need of change, these dedicated experts work their magic with lasers, welders, and precision machines to quickly make things as good as new. Decrease your cycle time and increase production output…and get on with business. Yeah.. YOU’RE GREEN TO GO! Put your trust in the turnkey mold restoration specialists. Let Southern Arc restore your molds!

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