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Sentinel Explainer Video Script
Meet Bob, the IT guy. He’s proud his company’s network runs so smoothly and his users really count on him. Even though he’s constantly wrestling cables and making sure everyone has the latest patches, he somehow finds time to show Pete what this “cloud” thing is all about. Yup, Bob’s busy. But he’s on it. So, What’s next? With all the buzz around APT’s, Malware, audits, and compliance requirements, Bob needs an IPS. But IPS is hard, time consuming, and expensive. Bob’s smart, but there’s no time to become a security expert. And the horror stories: constant updates, combing through security logs, mountains of false positives, keeping users happy, network interruptions Wait, what did Shane do? He didn’t have 50K for an IPS… Nope, Sentinel gave him one for free, completely monitored and managed, backed with mind-blowing, 24/7 support. They even called him when the Sentinel found malware hiding on his network. Shane subscribed, pays a ridiculously affordable flat monthly fee, no terms, and can cancel anytime. Yessirree Bob They do the job, so you don’t have to! So Bob did some research… Seems support is just the beginning. They’re driven by the belief that Internet security’s a fundamental human right for everyone, and their security methodology is awesome, too. With Network Cloaking, your network’s invisible to bad guys; only legitimate traffic gets through. Sentinel starts with a Next Generation IPS, bi-directional deep packet inspection, rate-based controls, pattern matching, and beaconing detection. Next… a proprietary reputation engine, including the latest InfoSec community data, threat feeds, and malware research. Topped off with Collective Intelligence Network Security, derived from Sentinel’s global network. Intelligence gained from one attack is scored and shared, so every Sentinel network is protected. It’s called ‘active threat intelligence’, a level of protection you can’t get anywhere else. Naturally, Bob took Shane’s advice and ordered his free Sentinel. Installation was a snap. Bob visualized security in a whole new way: an intuitive interface, awesome dashboard, automated alerts, and real-time reporting. So Bob signed up. The Sentinel was perfectly tuned for his network. No worries about false positives, deployment was effortless, his boss is happy, so long audit worries, and now he’s got time for other things… Bob loves it, and thinks everyone should have a Sentinel… because together we can make a difference… See for yourself with our free Network Gateway Assessment. Zero risk and Awesome… Contact Sentinel today!

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