Seamless for Business Explainer Video

Seamless for Business Explainer Video Script

You know the drill… It’s chow time at the office. Billy wants ketchup, Jenna…extra ketchup…and Kathy…organic gluten-free ketchup… Plus there’s a catered client meeting in an hour. But the fun doesn’t end there! Nope! It’s also end-of-month insanity! Expense reports…Missing invoices…Caterers to pay… Yikes! Accounting’s mad about overages…and co-workers are moaning about turkey on rye for four days straight! There’s gotta be a better, easier way to feed the office. There is. Seamless to the rescue!! We’re like the biggest, baddest house account ever. With 100s of food options, easy online ordering and 1 bill for all food orders… …Our ordering and billing process saves you big Big time AND big money! PLUS… it’s easy as pie! • Seamless gives you more variety… with access to hundreds of restaurants and caterers that all deliver to your office • We save you time… with super fast online ordering • We save you money…by enforcing your business and budget rules at checkout • And we simplify the payment process…with just 1 invoice for all orders And that neat and tidy little invoice can be uploaded into any accounting system. How’s that for a better way to order food? Hmm. Deliciously simple. No matter what type of ordering you do… • Individual meals • Group orders • Catering • Events • Even late-night meals and last-minute orders… If you order food into the office…We can help. Hungry yet? Contact us today to get Seamless for your office.

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