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ScaleBase Explainer Video Script

“Launching a new app? Make sure you have Scale-Out plan.” Congratulations! You just launched your new app…and so far…the response is overwhelming! But now you’re worried that your database won’t be able to keep up with the demand. It’s a valid concern – because as adoption grows from 500 to 500 million users, your database becomes overloaded – crippling performance, degrading the user experience, frustrating customers, and – ultimately – impacting your reputation and revenue. So… How do you scale your database to keep up with increasing volume and changing business demands? You’ve got a few options… The traditional route is to ‘scale up’ with new hardware. It will work – but it’s a short-term, costly solution, and in a month or quarter from now, you’ll face the same problem. You could consider one of the NewSQL or NoSQL options…but they’re built on unproven database solutions that require you to re-write your app, and forklift your existing infrastructure – disrupting business, delaying innovation and requiring new technical skills. Plus, the lack of data consistency in these environments might put your data at risk. OR… You could scale OUT…with ScaleBase…specifically designed to meet the scalability and performance needs of next gen apps…without changing your existing infrastructure, or rewriting your app. So now the application sees just 1 database… ScaleBase lets you keep your existing database – leveraging its maturity, and ecosystem…tools and people skills. ScaleBase virtualizes database environments and speeds application performance with read/write splitting and automatic data distribution – all of which is completely transparent to the end user. And if a database fails – ScaleBase provides automatic failover– keeping your app running at peak performance, 24/7. ScaleBase also provides centralized data management – with continuous monitoring and real-time alerts about the overall health of your distributed database environment. ScaleBase delivers a complete scale-out solution, rapidly scaling to unlimited users, transactions AND data…while simplifying your application and database environment. So you and your team can focus on innovation, keeping your app on the cutting edge, driving adoption, and constantly enhancing the customer experience. ScaleBase dramatically reduces time-to-market for new apps. It’s the most cost-effective way to address Big Data transactional processing requirements… and increase application scalability and performance. Launching an app? ScaleBase has your back.

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