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For explainer videos, Illustrate iT is hands-down the best value for the money. thanks!

SammySays Explainer Video Script

You’re in the dark, and don’t even know it… It’s true. Concerts, parties, sales, lectures, games…they’re happening all around you…all the time, right in your neighborhood…but you’ve got no simple way to discover’m. Enter… Its kinda like a Craigslist of events…no editors, ads, or fees…just tons of events, organized into categories, then easily filtered by your exact location and time. SammySays…where EVERYTHING happening nearby is brought to light and discovered. Finally. It’s simple to post your events too…in fact, ALL SammySays events are user-generated. Its like a searchable online community bulletin board for any happening, Big or small, that has a beginning and an end. Free posting takes less than 60 seconds, no account set-up required…SammySays gives your event exposure to literally thousands of people, instantaneously. You can even create keywords to group your events, or make your event page private with a secret link to share amongst friends. So brighten up and post now…Why wouldn’t you?!…to post and find events nearby.

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