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Rapid7 Explainer Video Script

So how do you drive your business forward at lightning speed? Stay innovative…and safe…while managing your risk? And what about those BYOD obstacles? Do they throw you off track? Compromise your security? Moving fast poses major safety risks…especially on the open road…with plenty of hazards along the way…and no pit crew to help you out. No worries! At Rapid7, we’ve got the tools you need to amp up your horsepower and control your security risks…whatever the device. Just think of Rapid7 as your pit crew…and our Mobilisafe software as an effective solution to keep your BYOD environment safe. It’s the perfect complement to our other products…for 7 reasons: (We like 7’s) BYOD can also mean BYO dangers. Bring them on! Rapid7 Mobilisafe manages those devices for you…and reduces your risk…so you’re more secure…24/7. Your business is more efficient…your employees more productive…and you zoom right along. Because malware knows no limits, and you’ve covered everything else, you need to protect your mobile devices too…Mobilisafe will help you pinpoint and assess any lurking vulnerabilities… Mobiles…just like people…are an asset to your business…but can pose risks. Keep your employees’ mobiles up-to-speed with the latest OS security patches…so they keep moving forward securely. They say actions speak louder than words…Mobilisafe doesn’t just show you where you’re vulnerable. It enforces policies…protects your network…and helps you block, lock and wipe devices at severe risk. Rapid7’s global community never slows down…so you’re always in the loop about new vulnerabilities, mitigation, and the latest risks. At Rapid7, simplicity trumps complexity. We solve complex security challenges with simple, innovative solutions. Mobilisafe is so easy…to try…deploy…use…and buy…plus, it’s affordable! No need to limit the number of devices your employees use… Rapid7’s famous for its smart, fast and effective product support. Because Mobilisafe’s incredibly intuitive, chances are you’ll never need to call…but if you do, we’re always here for you! To get you back on the road in no time! Manage the risk…whatever the device. Test drive Mobilisafe for free today!

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