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You guys are consummate professionals. From start to finish, you listened and delivered. We’re so thankful for the great work you put into QMedic’s video. We’ve been getting glowing reviews so far and it’s nice to finally provide an explanation that is simple, professional, and sharable. I hope this is the start of a long relationship, and wish you all the best! I would be happy to refer those in my network looking for top-notch production services.

QMedic Explainer Video Script

Meet Maura. Mom. Grandma. Active member of her community…. Like all of us, Maura’s aging. She lives alone…and fell twice last year. Daughter Diane’s worried about her mom’s safety…and looking for ways to keep her living at home. That’s where QMedic comes in… See…QMedic gives seniors the freedom to live in their own homes… …and caregivers peace of mind…knowing their loved ones are always protected. QMedic’s wearable sensor identifies abnormal behaviors…then sends real-time alerts to caregivers. By passively monitoring activity levels, sleep and falls…QMedic makes it easy for caregivers to review and share data…and identify possible health decline…before an emergency happens. Developed by MIT scientists, QMedic’s the first and only wearable solution to continuously monitor health behaviors. …letting seniors stay connected in the comfort of their own homes. ?76 million baby boomers are retiring… Over 90% want the freedom to age at home…with dignity…like Maura. QMedic gives seniors their freedom…while keeping them connected, healthy, and safe. Learn more about the future of connected living at http://www.qmedichealth.com

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