Prostate Cancer Canada Motion Graphic Explainer Video

Prostate Cancer Canada Video Scrpt

Last year Prostate Cancer Canada launched its Research Strategic Plan. It’s a blueprint showing how we plan to build on research programs that will create positive change. In what areas? • Prevention of prostate cancer • Diagnosis • Treatment • And survivorship – aka, improving quality of life, which may dip during treatment The plan is based on three pillars: • Innovation • Collaboration • Talented people Let’s take a look at what’s new in the collaboration area. This year Prostate Cancer Canada added a new research program – the Movember Team Grants. This program is the essence of collaboration – applicant teams must represent at least three different institutions from across the country. They’re all vying for funding, generously provided by our largest donor, Movember. Some projects will look at genes and cells and other lab-based “stuff”. But others look at the individual, the population or the health care system. That’s a big spectrum! So how do we decide who is awarded a team grant? We’ve put together an impressive panel of expert reviewers from all over the world – Europe, the U.S. and Australia. These distinguished panel members meet to interview the applicants, give feedback, and make recommendations about who to fund. So who won a Movember Team Grant, and what progress have they made? Check out for more information.

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