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Success in today’s competitive marketplace hinges on how well you understand your customers’ interests…and how well you nurture those interests… Because the more you know about what moves, motivates and inspires customers…on a personalized level…the more successful you’ll be… Sure, there are Big-Data and content-marketing solutions out there… But it’s expensive and time-consuming to collect and analyze the data needed to know every customer…and what floats their boat. If only there was an on-demand service that gave your business the data you’re missing and the targeted content you need to deliver a highly individualized Web experience. There is! Primal offers the consumer interest data developers require to make your company’s web and mobile applications as individual as you are. By expanding on the basic data you [JB1] have about your customers’ interest…Primal deepens your application’s understanding of them. So when a customer interacts with your website…Primal connects the dots…letting you instantly tailor your product…and deliver content your customers care about… Primal’s cloud-based Artificial Intelligence technology is designed for developers, and is easily integrated within their existing technology stack, website, or mobile application. Plus…for a fraction of the cost of “Big Data” solutions…it’s great for rapid application development…and won’t compromise customer privacy. Increase revenue, engagement and customer satisfaction by giving your customers a highly personalized experience…And watch your business grow! To learn more visit

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