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“The Illustrate iT Video team is wonderful. They are very organized, pleasant, flexible, and their turnaround time is lightning fast. We were delighted with both the final product and the entire experience.”

PeerSpace App Explainer Video Script
Finding the right workspace or filling your extra space can be frustrating. Sometimes you need to escape your loud environment so you can think in peace…(pause) or how about a bigger yoga studio for your growing class. Or Maybe You already have an amazing space, but half the offices are empty. You wish you got more use out of your studio because the mortgage is expensive! So how do these folks get connected? Simple…PeerSpace mobile App! Here’s how it works. Hosts and guests sign up to PeerSpace via Linkedin so they can see one another’s common connections and industry. It’s FREE to sign up and list a space. Hosts earn cash from their extra space by listing photos, descriptions, and availability. Guests browse the inventory and send a booking request to the host. The host confirms and voila! With just a couple taps on your phone, you can find a space that match for your needs, whether it’s for a few hours or months or anything inbetween. PeerSpace.. the space sharing community. Download PeerSpace from the App Store.

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