Nita Labeling Whiteboard Explainer Video

Nita Labeling Explainer Video Script

Why choose Nita Labeling Equipment? ZERO WASTE and No Experienced Operator required. We ensure labeling your product is as easy, streamlined and cost effective as possible… We’re dedicated to producing systems that literally anyone can use without waste. With Nita labeling equipment, you’ll never lose labels, containers or operator time on start-ups or during roll changes – and that’s also true while performing line speed changes “on-the fly”. To fully understand, you’ll have to see for yourself. The secret to ZERO Waste is real time synchronization between every component. That means that every motor speaks to each other, and communicates with the conveyor to optimize the label position on every product – no matter what your throughput speed is. It also means, you never have to worry about using speed potentiometers individually for any changes. Every component simply adjusts itself to the conveyor speed as you require according to the set up recipe chosen. You see, each “set-up recipe” for your different containers are permanently created and saved in the touch screen. Give each recipe its own name by container size, weight, description, anything… Your set up recipe recalls every parameter required to get your label positioned correctly the first time. Best of all, you never have to worry about moving the label sensor or product sensor by hand OR worry about motor speed, which usually results in wasted products and labels. We’ve removed all the guesswork! And since every mechanical adjustment has a reference letter and scale attached to it, your line change only requires a few physical adjustments based on the information right there on your screen. They are so easy to use, there’s NO need to have a dedicated expert or an experienced operator on staff. Our machines work with you, not against you. THEY know your containers and where your label position needs to be… Adjusting the label position is as easy as entering a true measurement value! No experienced operator required, and ZERO waste production runs! Give us a call, let us know what you need to label, and we can get you started, fast.

This Nita Labeling explainer video will inform you of how the Nita Labeling Equipment works to make everything fast and easy.

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