Mentagrate Motion Graphic Explainer Video

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This team is incredible! Illustrate iT will work with you at each step of the explainer video creation process to develop an exciting, sexy, effective way to perfectly encapsulate your big idea. They source the best in each aspect of the process and their experience and pride shine through. Moreover, Illustrate iT maximizes both time and cost efficiency. Just what the entrepreneur needs!

Mentagrate Explainer Video Script
OK, we know you’re smart, or you wouldn’t be in the college of your dreams. But that doesn’t mean you can sleepwalk it. Maybe you’re a student athlete trying to jam 48 hours of activities into your 24-hour day. Or you’re Living Sorority, always in a rush and ending up in a haze. The truth is, everyone could use a little help now and then. You need the complete peer-to-peer college tutoring solution. You need Mentagrate. Mentagrate is a true personalized social media tutor matching system. It’s the brainchild of an overachieving student athlete with over commitment issues. Imagine a complete online system that allows students to help each other, and earn money doing it. Mentagrate, developed at Harvard, taps into your social networks and automatically matches you to tutors who are taking or have taken the same courses with the same professors. If you can’t make class or you need notes, reviews, or a better understanding, just login and collaborate through the online notebook tools. Or if you’re the true academic ace with all the answers, you can make cash by tutoring others. More cash equals more pizza…understand? Using Mentagrate develops personal online relationships with your tutors or tutees…is that even a word? You can even be tutored by your professor…and no that is NOT cheating. Using Mentagrate is even easier than doing your laundry…isn’t everything? To start amping up your academics now, go to

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