Mendability Explainer Video

Client Comments:

“These guys are real pros, every step of the way, from picking the right music track, the right narrator, to the right animation style and the right animator. We had what we thought was the perfect script but, Jude, one of their copywriters, tweaked a few things and made it awesome. Then, Wayne picked the most awesome narrator and put it on a temp track with some music he thought would work well. I still remember the thrill of listening to Kellie read our script. Wayne selected an artist to take over the animation. Again, it was a perfect match and we got exactly what we were looking for. The result is exactly what I had in mind, and I am very picky! Worth every penny! Thank you Wayne, Jude, Kellie, Jared and Eric for your excellent work. I have already referred you to a couple of people.”

Medability Explainer Video Script

All living beings have the natural ability to heal from within. From a simple cell to a complex brain. This inner capacity to mend is what Multisensory Therapy is all about. When a branch breaks off a tree, nature quickly goes to work to mend the injury. Instinctive mechanisms magically heal the wound, preventing parasites from penetrating the tree. And from the freed energy, dozens of new buds sprout into healthy branches. It’s the same thing with the human body. Cut your skin? Nature steps in to repair the damage. Cover the wound with a bandage. Give it time to mend. And when the bandage is removed, the skin is healed. When you break a bone, the limb is immobilized in a cast. Given time to heal, a few weeks later, the bone is strong again. To repair an injury, or to grow a strong, tall tree needs nurturing, and ideal growing conditions. Scientists used to think the brain was different – that once damaged, it couldn’t heal. Then neuroscientists made a remarkable discovery. Carefully enrich the brain’s experiences. And it can re-adapt, change its structure, and heal itself. Years ago, research scientist Mark Rosenzweig did an innovative experiment. He created an enriched environment for rats. Some rats were introduced into an environment with all the fun, food, smells and toys a rat could dream of. Others were given only food and water. Then he compared slices of both rats’ brains. The rats’ brains in the enriched environment were bigger, heavier, and had more blood vessels, neurons and connections. The results were groundbreaking. Enriching the environment makes the brain grow… much like nurturing a tree helps it grow healthy and strong. That’s how Multisensory Therapy works. By applying scientifically-proven research in a gentle and pleasurable way, it provides the necessary tools to create an enriched environment to naturally heal the brains of those who suffer from neurological impairment. Did you know that soft, gentle touch improves serotonin levels in the brain? Or that poor serotonin function is a major factor in many mental disorders, like depression and autism? Multisensory Therapy will teach you how to introduce soft touch for therapeutic benefits. Dopamine is another key player in brain chemistry, playing a major role in movement, memory, motivation, and mood. Were you aware that lovely aromas, soothing music and beautiful art can boost dopamine levels in the brain? Our home-based Multisensory Therapy will teach you how to master and implement simple, pleasurable techniques to naturally improve the brain health of your loved one. In a safe and easy way. There are no negative side effects, but so many benefits. All you and your family add is gentleness, respect, love, care, and a commitment to succeed. In fact, you’re probably already doing a little Multisensory Therapy without even realizing it. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to broaden your results? To know how to introduce the ideal growing conditions for the brain? Just a few minutes a day can have a positive and significant impact on the most challenging of neurological conditions.

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