Legacy Champ Motion Graphic Explainer Video

Legacy Champ Video Script

So you’re trying to lead an active lifestyle, but lately, you’re getting tired of the same routine. Or maybe you’re finding it hard to stay motivated going it alone. Now there’s Legacy Champ, the social fitness network, where active individuals can connect online and in person to put their best to the test and improve fitness together. Join or create your own groups with likeminded fitness enthusiasts, and make it fun. Use LC’s advanced fitness tracking system to post and share all your sports and fitness stats, see how many goals you scored against Jen, compare bench press stats with John, and start a running group with Brittany and Mark to train for that next marathon. Legacy Champ alerts you, so you never miss an opportunity to get active. Legacy Champ even uncovers great deals for things that you use all the time, all catered to your healthy lifestyle. This is a new, one of a kind social fitness experience. Join legacychamp.com today– the social fitness network.

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