Krex Drive Sure Explainer Video

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Krex Drive Sure Video Script

Hey Jack! How’s business? That good huh? Looks pretty slow. Not making enough money? Customers going elsewhere for service? Don’t you wish your dealership was the biggest in town…the state…the country…or even the world? Well, it can be… With Drive-Sure…the perfect customer retention solution for new car dealerships… See…Drive Sure offers a range of unique products and services…designed to retain customers and improve the customer experience…at every point of vehicle ownership…even after free maintenance and warranties expire! And with little effort…or expense…on the part of the dealership… Drive Sure can increase your business…help generate new customers…and keep your customers coming back for service…again…and again…and again! How? By setting your dealership apart from your competitors…and giving your customers good reason to return to you for EVERY single service. And by protecting your customers while they’re on the road…returning them straight to your dealership for unscheduled repairs… And by making sure your customers stay happy. Plus…Drive-Sure benefits are automatically renewed at every dealer-recommended oil change or scheduled maintenance service…ensuring customers return at exactly the right time. After all, a protected customer makes a satisfied customer…and a satisfied customer stays loyal to her dealership while she owns her vehicle…and when it’s time to purchase a new one. That’s a customer for life! Drive-Sure offers a wide variety of dealer-loyal benefits, pricing programs and incentives …to meet every dealership’s objectives and needs… Ever since Jack signed on with Drive-Sure, he’s: • Increased his sales-to-service retention • Upped the frequency of customer visits…for scheduled maintenance and unscheduled repairs (like tires, brakes and batteries) • Retained more customers over time • And most importantly…he’s made more customers happy! Drive-Sure also measures and tracks all of Jack’s results…helping him meet his financial goals! All that…for less than an oil change discount… Now…How cool is that Jack? Keep your customers happy…and coming back to your dealership to service and purchase their vehicles… Drive-Sure…Driving customer retention. Give us a call today to learn more.

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