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The lattes, the lunches, and life’s little luxuries. You barely remember buying them. Is your bank account like a leaking faucet? $5 here, $10 there, 100 til you drain it. And all the time, in the background, there’s that seemingly annoying voice in your head that says, save your money. We are here to work with that voice and help you take control of your spending, the easy way. Just click and capture. Just get Koind. It’s a new app for your iPhone, designed to look out for your future. Courtesy of two average guys. No need to cut back buy downloading coupons. Koind helps you spend less and save more, just by changing your spending habits. No nagging. You don’t need that. No hard work. You’d rather put your feet up. No shoebox mess. Yep, we know that pile of receipts crying out for attention. With Koind, you snap little pictures that give you the big picture of how you spend money. It then allows you to sort into an expense category and save money by tracking where most of your dollars disappear. Sounds too easy? Well, that’s the point. We make looking after your money a happier, more efficient experience. Hmmm. But is this worth the investment? Absolutely. What you save will more than cover the cost of the app. Got a spending addiction? This is therapy for your wallet. On the cheap. Get Koind.

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