Keeping Current Matters Explainer Video

Client Comments:

We couldn’t recommend the team at Illustrate It Video enough! Their creativity has truly blown us away in how they brought our story to life. They bent over backwards to make sure we were 100% satisfied with each part of the process before moving on to the next part. We’re so happy with the outcome of our video and only wish we would have done it sooner. Thanks again for all the great work you’ve done for us, and we know you’ll do for others as well.

KCM Video Script

Remember when real estate was easy…er? When potential clients NEEDED to come to you…to see which homes were available…or for the listing price of comparable homes? But NOW…clients can access all that information on their own…without an agent… Only problem is…the more they search online…the more information they find…and the more they find…the more confused they get! So they seek out someone who truly understands the market… Hey! That’s where you come in! As a real estate professional, it’s your job to sift through current news reports, data and statistics…to make it easy for each of your clients to understand. But how the heck do you find an extra 30 hours a week to analyze all that material…and create mind-blowing client presentations? You’re no economist or graphic designer! Wouldn’t you rather be spending that time developing relationships with your clients? Isn’t that why you chose real estate? To HELP people? At Keeping Current MattersTM…education headquarters for savvy real estate professionals across the country… …Our crew sorts through all that info…compacting it into a simple, 30-minute presentation…that you can watch anywhere…on any device. We’re talking professional charts, graphs, slides and visuals…all the knowledge and tools you need…to stand out as a trusted advisor… Easily customize your own listing presentations…add your logo or brand…or post slides on Facebook…or your blog! Forget about spending 30 hours a week messing with numbers and statistics… Simply log in to our website…watch our monthly presentation…and within 30 minutes…you’ll be a housing market expert! Sign up for a free trial today! Why? Because Keeping Current…Matters!

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