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Kardiel/Helixbath Explainer Video Script
Stacey had a long day at work. Time to slip into a warm bath. Except, instead of ultimate spa relaxation, her neck is kinked and her generic tub isn’t deep enough to even begin to cover her in sudsy bliss. What she really wants is one of those sexy soaker tubs, like in the magazines. Ha, forget it. They’re too expensive and complicated. Still, a girl can dream right? She doesn’t have to! You see Stacey is wise and bought a Helixbath designer tub online. An affordable, stylish, freestanding tub, the exact ones she saw in the magazines. They’re even decked out with upgrades like custom sleek, flush-mount overflows. That’s right Stacey. Be bold. Fill ‘er up. HelixBath thought of everything. High Fashion, easy to clean and heat-retentive. It was only 100 pounds, feasible to carry. Installing it was a breeze and it even had a height adjustable base for her pesky uneven floor. Having transformed her blah bathroom into the ultimate spa, Stacey deeply relaxes into a sea of blissful rejuvenation. Promo: Stacy got a complimentary freestanding faucet with her tub. For a limited time you can too! Select from a wide variety of high profile designs.

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