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Wayne has been entirely managing the project and the team, making sure everything was coming up smoothly and on time. The ideas were creative, and Wayne has been solution-oriented during our collaboration. All in all, the project has been flawless, and it’s been a pleasure working with Wayne and the whole team. – See more at: https://illustrateitvideo.com/testimonials.html#sthash.hlvN5J24.dpuf

KaraFun Video Script

Birthday parties, Christmas, New Years, long car rides, waiting for the bus or maybe camping, they all have something in common…Been there… Done that…It’s always the same. Lacking zest and variety. (all bored, quiet, sad faces) Maybe you could spice it all up with your favourite tunes and a bit of karaoke. Oh ya, you can only do that with the limited program you downloaded on your home computer. You can’t even use the program in a different room, let alone while partying or road tripping. Even then, it’s a pain to load and you have to download each song individually… And let’s not even get started on those online video sites… such poor quality and littered with ads We know you love belting out the tunes…but it’s just so hard to fit karaoke into your day-to-day life. Well… don’t change your day-to-day life. Because karaoke has changed FOR you! With KaraFun’s limitless features, you can sing along thousands of songs anywhere your desktop, laptop or mobile device can grab an Internet signal. Yeah.. it doesn’t have to be inconvenient. It’s as easy as cruise control… A monthly subscription is all you need for good karaoke karma. For the price of lunch, you could be belting out your favourite songs anywhere, anytime. No restrictions. KaraFun has taken the karaoke you love, and amplified it, worldwide. Whether you want to practice your pitch, song lyrics or impress friends at the next party with a state of the art karaoke player, access to KaraFun’s pile of features is simple. With a unique subscription, KaraFun offers you a comprehensive karaoke experience from any of your devices, at home or on the go. Hey, and forget about buying each song individually, you can access the entire stocked online library, updated daily, and containing thousands, we’re talkin thousands! of karaoke songs… anywhere, anytime. It’s simple. Just log in, choose songs that suit your mood and sing your face off. With professionally, studio-recorded music, cool, animated backgrounds and advanced features for the karaoke-savvy, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. ..Next time you’re throwing a party, launch KaraFun and enjoy the whole library. Its advanced, synergistic experience is bound to be a bigger hit than last year’s riveting game of Scrabble. Let KaraFun put the groove back in your tune. KaraFun, more than karaoke.

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