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Radio’s massive. It’s one of our most mainstream mediums, and one of the best ways for advertisers to get their message to consumers. Every year, we spend billions of hours driving in our cars…where trillions of radio ads are delivered…that drive billions of dollars in increased sales to advertisers. But if this industry’s so BIG and IMPORTANT, then why’s it still operating off old school systems? And using decades-old processes that create problems like MAJOR mistakes in running ads, hundreds of points of failure, and delayed paper-format reports? For national advertisers who want to reach listeners across HUNDREDS of radio stations, these logistical challenges waste hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Wouldn’t it be great to combine the reach of radio with the ease and speed of the web? Offline media, meet online technology. Enter Jelli. Jelli’s systems automate the delivery of radio ads. Our platform instantly connects your ads to radio stations across the country, reducing mistakes and increasing the ease of running your campaign. We report your ad plays in real time via our web dashboard. The data’s easy to export, so you can track how your ads drive sales. We streamline the process for local stations, saving time, eliminating paperwork, and speeding up payment time. Jelli’s the easiest and fastest way to buy and run radio advertising. Whether you’re a radio station, network or advertiser, we bring the power of the web to you.

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