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Virtualization has changed the IT paradigm. It decoupled the Operating System from the hardware…enabling us to achieve scalability, agility and automation across the datacenter…and move to a cloud infrastructure. But, hey, what’s that? Agents? Today systems management is fragmented, manual and tightly coupled to the OS. Their agents hold us back from fully delivering on the promise of virtualization and the cloud. But you can’t get rid of them. You still have to waste time and money deploying, updating and troubleshooting thousands of agents, and configuring various management systems…It stops you from focusing on the next great strategic project. Let’s face it! Systems management overhead is a mundane, logistical nightmare…the more machines, the bigger the headache… If only there was a simple, logical and fully automated way to manage today’s agile environments…and take full advantage of the value of virtualization. There is! With Intigua’s systems management virtualization solution… Remember when you virtualized your servers and applications? Well, we do the same thing for systems management. We provide a centralized dashboard to define and manage systems management policies, and apply them automatically to all your servers. We do this by decoupling the agents from the OS. With Intigua, all your systems management tasks still function the same way, but instead of installing agents, Intigua runs them virtually on your physical and virtual machines. There’s no more endless agent installations! Upgrades! Tuning! Or troubleshooting! Now you can automatically… …apply agents to servers without installing them …automatically troubleshoot …and control resource consumption to ensure application performance and uptime! Intigua cuts systems management overhead…and adapts it to today’s virtual world… …enabling you to really take advantage of the agility and automation promised by virtualization and the cloud. Now your IT teams can: Move your business applications to the cloud Accelerate the provisioning of VMs Improve and ease compliance, and better protect service and security levels across your IT environment And spend more time on innovative projects Intigua. Virtualizing systems management… To help you work smarter in today’s virtual and physical world

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