Imprivata Shared Work Stations Explainer Video

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We have used Illustrate iT Video for several project now and have found they have a great process for learning about our solutions, the problem’s they solve and coming up with a very creative way to tell our story.

Imprivata Work Stations Explainer Video Script

Shared workstations are everywhere in healthcare. They let care providers access patient information in a variety of locations throughout the hospital. But with multiple providers using the same workstation, accessing patient information quickly and securely can be a problem. And here’s why. Having to login to Windows at every single workstation is frustrating and time consuming, taking valuable time away from treating patients. As a result, IT is forced to rely on generic Windows Logins leaving PHI vulnerable and the hospital at risk to a HIPAA violation. So what’s the solution? Fast user switching with Imprivata OneSign enables hospitals to secure shared desktops and patient information. With just the tap of a badge or the swipe of a finger, care providers login to OneSign…and receive access to a secure desktop within seconds. Plus, an audit trail shows every user that’s logged in. With OneSign…providers can focus on their patients…not on technology. Logging out? No problem! Fast user switching secures the shared desktop…ensuring applications are closed and PHI are secure. So within seconds, the next user can login…and continue caring for patients. With OneSign, say goodbye to: • Long waits for desktop sign ins • Risky generic usernames and passwords • Accidental charting under the wrong ID • And unauthorized access Secure your shared desktops with OneSign. For more information, visit our website at Imprivata. Enabling healthcare securely.

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