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Imprivata EPCS – Explainer Video Script
America is facing a national public health crisis: prescription drug abuse. Prescription medication overdoses are responsible for more than 22,000 deaths a year, more than twice as many as cocaine and heroin combined. The use of paper prescriptions for these highly addictive controlled substances only compounds the problem as drug diversion caused by altered, stolen, and fraudulent paper-based prescriptions continues to rise. The good news is that the DEA allows prescribers in every state to electronically prescribe controlled substances (or EPCS), and New York State has mandated that all prescriptions be prescribed electronically. EPCS can help put an end to drug diversion and prescription drug abuse by significantly reducing the risk of altered, stolen, or fraudulent prescriptions. EPCS creates an auditable electronic transmission directly to the pharmacy without exposing a prescriber’s DEA number. EPCS also: • Eliminates dual prescribing workflows, which improves provider satisfaction and helps hospital leadership meet Meaningful Use e-Prescribing requirements; • Reduces prescription errors and inaccuracies; and • Increases patient satisfaction by eliminating repeated, unnecessary visits to the doctor and avoiding long wait times at the pharmacy. EPCS benefits everyone, but because controlled substances are highly regulated, the DEA only allows EPCS if certain requirements are met. These include: • Certification of the EMR system; • For prescribers, proper identity-proofing and • addition to the certified EPCS system through supervised enrollment; • Adoption of a DEA-approved two-factor authentication system for order signing; and • Establishment of an ongoing audit trail for all activities, from identity-proofing through to order signing, as well as auditing and reporting capabilities for all discrepancies. As the leading provider of authentication and access management solutions for healthcare, Imprivata has a deep understanding of the DEA EPCS ruling. Imprivata supports DEA-approved two-factor authentication modalities, works with leading EMR and e-Prescribing vendors, and can help identify the best way to roll out EPCS across your organization. For more information, visit

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