Imprivata Cortext Explainer Video

Client Comments:
We have used Illustrate iT Video for several project now and have found they have a great process for learning about our solutions, the problem’s they solve and coming up with a very creative way to tell our story.

Imprivata Cortext Explainer Video Script
You’re a care provider in a hurry…so you grab your smartphone and start texting with colleagues about your patients. What could be easier? You’re a hospital IT administrator and need to make sure patient information isn’t sent over unsecured texting applications, ceating a HIPAA violation. You see the problem? So what if there was a solution to enable texting securely? Now there is! From Imprivata, the leader in healthcare IT security, comes Cortext — HIPAA-compliant text messaging designed to streamline and secure care provider communication. With Cortext you can quickly find colleagues in the hospital directory; text securely from your smartphone or computer; send group messages to the care team; request a call back for those urgent cases, plus a whole lot more. And for IT…Active Directory Integration makes it a breeze to keep your contact directory up-to-date. Imprivata Cortext is fast, simple, secure… and free! Visit our website now and you’ll be Cortexting for free in no time. Imprivata — Enabling healthcare. Securely.

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