IDology ExpectID IQ Explainer Video

IDology ExpectID IQ Video Script

There’s a big art festival this weekend… and Jose wants to take credit card payments on his smartphone… But there’s no time to apply in person… or online… and he needs that mobile credit card reader asap… Susan wants to ditch her paper check… and load her salary to a pre-paid card. But she just moved, keeps getting error messages… and now has to fax a utility bill and driver’s license. What a service nightmare! It’s difficult to verify someone’s ID if they’re not standing in front of you…But ..what if businesses could quickly confirm that Jose and Susan are who they say they are? With the same level of assurance as seeing them … or reviewing their documentary evidence? While: • Protecting privacy… • Reducing risk… • Preventing fraud… • Eliminating costs… And meeting compliance regulations… Now they can… With IDology’s ExpectID IQ! The high-level, automated, knowledge-based authentication solution that asks a series of out-of-wallet, multiple-choice questions… that only Jose and Susan know the answers to. ExpectID IQ creates unique, non-intrusive, intelligent questions about someone’s history in real time… that aren’t based on credit histories. ExpectID IQ puts you in the driver’s seat… … to define the parameters, control the questions, … and leave the fraudsters in the dark. It’s the most flexible solution there is for customer-not-present transactions…You decide when to approve someone… or ask more questions. With ExpectID IQ, Jose applied and answered questions that popped up on his smartphone…Now he’s set for Saturday! And Susan’s happy, ‘cause she quickly verified that she is Susan… just by answering a few questions about where she’s lived and people she’s known! Keep your customers happy. Put ExpectID IQ to work for you! • Drive revenue with faster (and more) approvals • Reduce costs through automation • Comply with regulations • And prevent fraud Identify real customers. Real fast. With IDology. Get started, and request a demo today!

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