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Ok, so we all hate using those secret questions to verify your identity. UGH! Did you use caps, lower case, abbreviations…and what the heck was your answer again??? So you take a couple of stabs at it…only to lock yourself out of your account. How frustrating! And how about when a would-be identity thief guesses your mother’s maiden name by mining the posts, comments, tweets and photos you’ve shared on your social media account? The last thing anyone wants to do is unknowingly give away their security secrets… But today, it’s way easier than you’d think for a fraudster to sweet-talk call center employees for hints to your questions…and take over your account. Well say goodbye to unsafe, shared secrets… …And make way for the next generation of knowledge-based authentication! With IDology’s ExpectID Enterprise, businesses use their own customer data to create dynamic, custom out-of wallet questions… …While benefitting from IDology’s software-as-a-service-solution and identity verification expertise! Banking regulators say shared secret questions are no longer secure enough…so why do we still use them? Expect ID Enterprise is an innovative new solution to validate your customers’ identities… …Plus, it’s safer, relevant, and more cost-effective than replacing shared secrets with traditional out-of-wallet, third party questions! For the first time ever, ExpectID Enterprise offers a systematic, easy way to verify customers, so your business controls and creates its own timely questions, based on the valuable, proprietary data you have about your consumers… …Like…Who’s the last doctor you saw? Or…Which ATM location did you last visit? …Without sharing any data with IDology! Guard it safely behind your firewall! It’s a meaningful, private way to use your customers’ activity history to reduce risk • When resetting passwords • Making address changes • Completing high-risk transactions • And verifying call center callers. And that means no more call center agents making up inconsistent subjective questions. ExpectID Enterprise helps drive revenue, reduce costs, meet compliance regulations…and, of course, prevent fraud!! Isn’t it time you replaced your shared secret solution with IDology’s ExpectID Enterprise? Identify real customers. Real fast. Sign up for a demo today!

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