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IDology Expect ID Video Script
Alison wants to open a new bank account…she spends her lunch break waiting for a rep, showing her ID, signing oodles of documents and getting her photo taken, all to meet bank compliance regulations. And then there’s Jeff…he just ordered a flat screen TV online just in time for the big game, but he gets a call the next day to verify his personal information. He thought his order had already shipped. Now his TV might not make it in time. If only the businesses Alison and Jeff were dealing with had the ability to verify a customer’s identity without putting them through the wringer! With so many suspicious transactions causing the need for manual review…you need a service that speeds up transactions online, while meeting compliance right? Introducing IDology’s ExpectID… A fast, behind-the-scenes identity verification service that allows for more business in less time with fewer costs. The focus is on consumer privacy, delivering top-notch results. Alison and Jeff only have to give minimal personal information to be verified because ExpectID’s super intuitive technology searches trusted and broad data sources to locate more identities than it’s competitors. Verifying a customers’ identity without jeopardizing their satisfaction or slowing down the speed of efficient business is expected. ExpectID is a cloud-based service with all of the security and protection you expect from fraud-prevention software. It searches billions of trusted data sources for the customer in question, finding even those without a credit footprint who can’t be identified otherwise. It then provides instantaneous easy-to-read results and reports. If a search comes back with concerns, like a more recent address for Jeff than he provided, you’ll get an alert. AND if ExpectID finds something suspicious, your business can automatically escalate the verification to a higher level with a whole host of valuable services IDology offers. With ExpectID, YOU have the control to customize your business’s verification process to suit EACH transaction. It’s verification designed FOR you, BY you. IDology keeps in touch with the businesses they serve, providing advice, guidance and best practices along the way.’s super easy to implement, meaning you can be up and running in as little as a day. Of course you want to make Alison and Jeff happy while preventing fraud, meeting compliance and increasing revenue. With ExpectID, you can rest assured your business is dealing with legitimate people, so Alison and Jeff get the service and products they want in a snap! They expect the best. So… ExpectID Get started and request a demo today!

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