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Client Comments
“Very quick, efficient and spot on with telling the story, both visually and with the script. We are going to be hiring them for more videos!”

i2c Inc Explainer Video Script
Commerce is evolving. And companies, well, they need to change the way they see payments. Every swipe, tap and scan is now an opportunity to create unforgettable commerce experiences and revenue. Yet these opportunities just whiz by. Companies are missing out on creating exceptional debit, credit, prepaid or mobile experiences with all the bells and whistles. It’s not for lack of drive or creativity. There’s just been no platform to bring new ideas to life quickly with the necessary reliability, functionality and security. Until now…until i2c. Any form, any currency, any country, anything you want. Ya, on ONE GLOBAL platform. i2c, the full ecosystem for your processing environment. We’re your issuer processing: where your product is built, payments authorized and settled and reports generated. We’re your loyalty and marketing: where you communicate with consumers, promote product usage and create marketing and loyalty campaigns. We’re your billing and settlement: where your contracts are managed, invoices created and transactions settled and reported. We’re your acquirer processing: where you sell products, accept payments, load funds and check balances. Heck, we can even stock your fridge. We’re that good. You don’t need to be running between platforms to build profitable financial products and monetize your customer relationships. 30 to 60-day turnover for launches worldwide, changes in real-time, the coolest bells and whistles you haven’t even imagined yet and, oh ya, the most intelligent means to skyrocket usage, interaction and profits. We’re accelerating commerce, globally. Visit i2cinc.com and make your vision a reality

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