HVAC Investigators Explainer Video

HVAC Investigators Explainer Video Script

Let’s face it. Settling HVAC claims isn’t easy. There are so many factors to consider: • How did the damage really occur? • Does the system need to be replaced? • What’s the market price for this work? • Is the local technician qualified…or trustworthy? • Does the contractor’s quote bring the insured back to pre-loss condition? As an insurance adjuster, you know the drill. Everyone wants their HVAC equipment claims processed…yesterday. But you’re short on resources…and backlogged! With stacks of complicated claims to process…and so little time… All you want is the truth. And the right answers. To settle every claim…fairly. So who do you turn to? To quickly, objectively, and affordably investigate HVAC property claims? HVAC Investigators…the nation’s market leader in HVAC insurance claims… No matter where your claim is…our experienced technicians are less than 30 minutes away… See…HVAC Investigators takes the time they need to objectively: • Collect the data… • Verify damaged equipment… • Determine the cause of the damage • Evaluate the repair or replacement cost • Produce accurate, detailed assessment reports To help you make accurate decisions…based on the facts. And only the facts. No more guesswork! Or paying overinflated estimates. Just think of HVAC Investigators as the HVAC experts on your team… …To help process and settle your claims faster. Our goal is simple: return the insured to pre-loss condition…with like kind and quality equipment. As quickly…fairly…and objectively as possible. So everyone’s satisfied. HVAC Investigators. Just the facts. Submit a claim today. For more information, call 1-888-407-5224.

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