HealthWagers Motion Graphic Explainer Video

Client Comments:

HealthWagers looked at a lot of concept video production firms before deciding on Illustrate iT Video. We just did not want a cartoony clip like so many of the others out on the web. Illustrate iT Video came through with a HealthWagers video that fit our brand and conveyed our message on time and on budget. From the scripting, voice over and final storyboard and illustrations produced by Faez – we got a production that’s been watched many times over by our Athlete community. Thanks again Illustrate iT for all you did for HealthWagers.
HealthWagers Video Script
Check out Steve. He loves running…but was stuck in a rut…and needed a boost to get back in the game… Then he discovered HealthWagers for runners! The fun, easy way to improve your health…and get and stay motivated through friendly competition. Just the inspiration Steve needed… So he logged on to… Established his profile… Claimed his historical race results… Selected a race to run… Chose a wager amount…calculated how much he could win or lose… …AND placed his HealthWager! Now Steve WANTED to train! At the Half Marathon, Steve beat his challenge time. After the official results were in, HealthWagers informed Steve that he won…and he claimed his reward! Way to go Steve! You challenged yourself…achieved a new Personal Record…and are on your way to a healthier lifestyle. At HealthWagers, we infuse the fun into health through games that organize players, collect payments, measure results and distribute rewards… Ready to challenge, measure and reward yourself? Get in on the action today at Better Yourself

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