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DRUG SHORTAGES are a complex GLOBAL PROBLEM In fact…between 2005 and 2010 Drug shortages TRIPLED (Health Canada Report, Drug Shortages, July 2011) Because of drug supply issues… 41% of pharmacists say patient health has been COMPROMISED… 66% of Canadian doctors say the problem’s GETTING WORSE… (Survey, Canadian Hospital Pharmacists, January 2013) And… 93.7% of Canadian pharmacists CAN’T FILL THEIR WEEKLY PRESCRIPTIONS. (Canadian Pharmacists Association survey – Health Canada Report, July 2011) Whether brand drugs or generic… 54% of drug shortages happen during MANUFACTURING… (Health Canada) What does the shortage COST?? $216 million/year In the U.S. alone… (On average) The CAUSE? Several reasons… 1. A complex global supply chain… Too often, manufacturers put all their eggs in one basket… …Use one supplier to outsource ingredients…or use the same suppliers (In China and India) …Creating an UNSTABLE GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN 2. Canada’s a small piece of the global pie… In fact, only 3% of the global drug market…Of that, Canadian hospitals represent 10%…That’s a SMALL MARKET SHARE for global manufacturers 3. Stricter drug regulations and improved quality control… Tainted drugs and food, and counterfeit drug production, have resulted in stricter, more frequent FDA audits… But tracing all compounds IMPEDES PRODUCTION…and CREATES TEMPORARY SHORTAGES 4. GROWING DEMAND…DECLINING PRODUCTION… The need for medications constantly grows… Due to…an aging population…third world development…and competing manufacturer’s interruption in supply… Manufacturers struggle to meet the demand. They can’t increase production because of: Rigid regulatory restrictions Raw material shortages And limited sterile manufacturing capacity 5. Public policy directives… Reducing healthcare costs in Canada has led to… A leaner supply chain And tighter hospital, distributor and manufacturer inventory 6. ECONOMIC and BUSINESS CONDITIONS During economic downturns, manufacturers CONSOLIDATE PRODUCTION…causing potential SUPPLY DISRUPTIONS Manufacturers are profit-driven. If drug X delivers higher profits, then production increases. And drug Y suffers. New drugs are constantly being introduced…so manufacturers must prioritize production in limited-capacity plants What makes the shortage WORSE? VOLUNTARY early shortage WARNINGS 30% of pharmacists aren’t told about drug shortages (Canadian Drug Shortages Survey, December 2010) Only 16% of warnings come from manufacturers…84% from other stakeholders Industry MERGERS and consolidations …Result in SINGLE-SOURCE PRODUCTS (Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, March 2011) Business decisions Production CEASES for lower profit products Just-in-time inventory management practices OVERBUYING during shortages A few GLOBAL DRUG SHORTAGE stats… 90% involve generics (FDA SECOR analysis, Health Canada Report, July 2011) 74% involve sterile injectable drugs 2010 And in some cases… There ARE NO THERAPEUTIC ALTERNATIVES… Drug shortages cause PATIENT DEATH. Period. (Amikacin and Acyclovir) (Health Canada Report, July 2011) The time to work together is now. ?The only way to achieve trusted supply is through collective commitment. HealthPRO Achieving Trusted Supply Through Collective Commitment

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