Haulix Explainer Video

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The pro team at Illustrate iT make the BEST explainer videos. We couldn’t be happier with our new promotional video!

Haulix Explainer Video Script
Meet Dylan, a publicist at Blue Monday Records. He’s good at getting new music out to the press, but he’s spending too much time and money mailing CDs and managing spreadsheets filled with contacts. He’s also worried about early leaks. And this is Brody, a journalist who runs ShellshockReviews.com. His mailbox is overflowing with promo CDs, and he’s been having a problem keeping track of albums he has and hasn’t covered. Dylan and Brody need Haulix! For publicists, the way it works is simple. First, import your press contacts. Then, upload an album,Haulix automatically prepares the tracks for watermarking and send out fully customizable email invitations to your contacts to hear tracks. When someone presses play or downloads a track, Haulix injects a unique inaudible watermark into the MP3 file. It doesn’t affect the sound – it’s simply bits of data that trace back to the original listener. Later on, if you find a leak, Haulix can tell you who shared your materials without authorization. Even after a promo has expired, Haulix also crawls the Internet looking for illegal links and files, and can automatically send out DMCA takedown requests. For journalists, Haulix compiles promos from all Haulix publicists onto one convenient screen, making it easy to hide promos you’ve covered, and discover new albums as they become available. Start your 30-day free trial today at haulix dot com slash signup! Haulix – Promote with Confidence

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